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Boys and Girls Club Summer Olympic Games

We were contracted by the San Diego Boys and Girls Club to document their Summer Games and create a video that was to be played at their annual Gala and Banquet. We wanted the video to convey the upbeat atmosphere of the Games, but also communicate the fantastic work that the Boys and Girls Club does for the children of San Diego.

Summer Games Project meant filming all sorts of sports, including soccer, basketball, swimming and many more! Almost 1,400 kids attended, meaning there was a lot of activity, and a lot of ground to cover. In the midst of this, we also had to conduct interviews to tie the story together.

Combining interviews, Sports B-roll, and on-screen graphics, we were able to tell the story of the SD Boys and Girls Club and capture the fun of the Summer Games. Our favorite part of the shoot was seeing the smiles on the boy’s and girl’s faces as they waved to the camera!

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