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Meet Derek Knoeferl!

Derek is our new Social Media Content Creator. As we welcomed Derek to the team, we sat down with him, so you could get to know the guy behind all of our online content!

Zen Garden: What is your role at ZenGarden Productions?

Derek Knoeferl: I am the Content Creator for ZenGarden Productions. I look for articles and quotes for the Newsletters as well help script some of the videos.

ZGP: Where are you originally from?

DK: I am originally from Overland Park, Kansas which is right outside of Kansas City. I came out to Escondido, California for college to study at John Paul the Great Catholic University.

ZGP: What are you studying at JPCU?

DK: I am currently studying to get my BS in Communication Media with an emphasis in screenwriting.

ZGP: Why are you interested in film?

DK: Story has always inspired me to be creative. Film is a unique way to tell the story I want to share. Movies, TV shows, and other uses of video has a huge impact on today's world. I want to be apart of that same impact.

ZGP: What is your experience on film sets like?

DK: Most of the film sets I have been on are student projects. I have learned new techniques and skills being on set than I do in a classroom or anywhere else. Being around a group of people working together to achieve a single goal helps me grow and only builds on my passion for film.

ZGP: And what have you learned most on film sets?

DK: Being on set I learned how to communicate a universal understanding of the vision the director or storyteller has. It's all about how to make the story come to life and everybody has to have that same idea.

ZGP: Is there a particular kind of story that you want to tell?

Derek Knoeferl: The story I want to tell is one that everyone can connect to. Knowing your audience is important for any person who is interested in film for any reason, whether it be for the big screens or television ads. I want someone to know something that they did not know before through the stories I share.

Thanks so much Derek! Please welcome Derek to the ZGP team!

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