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Law of Life Summit - San Francisco CA

We partnered with two different organizations at this event; Life Site News, and Life Legal Defense Foundation. For Life Site News we provided photographs, videos, and articles covering the Walk for Life, and for Life Legal Defense we created a promotional video for their Law of Life Summit.

Filming the Walk for Life involved covering a large area filled with thousands of people and constantly being on the move to capture the action. We used a team of four to capture various angles and portions of the event with numerous cameras.

Our articles and photographs were published on as their coverage of the Walk for Life. For Life Legal Defense, we intercut footage of the Walk with interviews and B-roll from the Law of Life Summit. This was a great way for Life Legal Defense to explain the history of the Summit and show how beneficial it is to the Walk.

The team had a blast exploring the bay area for the weekend, and we are excited for more projects that will take us to the beauty of northern California.

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